The Mona Lisa – Leonardo da Vinci Custom Pet Portrait on Canvas


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About the Painting:

Mona Lisa is the original Gossip Girl. She seems to smile, or maybe not. Personally, I think she’s smirking.

Lisa’s had thousands of potential suitors, but none quite seem worthy to her. Lady Lisa receives so many love letters at the Louvre, she has her own mailbox. Napoleon loved seeing her on his bedroom wall so much, he married an Italian descendent of hers.

Naturally, Lisa’s inspired emotions other than love. She’s been abducted once and attacked thrice. One man threw a rock at her, and another sprayed acid at her canvas. Lisa now sits behind bulletproof glass, which protected her from a ceramic mug chucked by a Russian who’d been denied French citizenship.

About Leonardo Da Vinci:

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Tinder profile is one for the books. Kind, talented, handsome and unbelievably smart. His hobbies include buying caged birds just to set them free. And he’s good at just about everything. Need a helicopter? Leo’s your guy! Shopping for wall coverings? Good thing you’re dating an accomplished painter. Just about everyone swoons for Leo.

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