Spanish Singer – Edouard Manet Custom Pet Canvas


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About the Painting:

We can’t promise that a song sung by The Spanish Singer would sound that great – he’s a left-handed player, holding a right-handed guitar, and his fingerings would probably sound like he’d never played before. That’s okay. The painting still was adored at its Salon of Paris debut in 1861. You will adore it with your darling companion’s paws or claws strumming your heartstrings.

About Edouard Manet:

Edouard Manet was the epitome of rebellious rich boy in life and painting. His father wanted him to become a lawyer, but young Eddie opted to join the French navy. Eddie failed his naval entrance exam twice (despite owning a perfectly normal belly button). He then returned home to become a painter.

Art critics of the time liked mythological or biblical paintings, so Eddie painted scenes of Paris city life. These paintings set him apart and he gained a decent following.

Out of respect, Eddie waited until after his father’s death in 1862 to marry his Dad’s mistress. Suzanne also happened to be Eddie’s former piano teacher. Cheeky boy!

Like many cheeky, rich boys of the time, Edouard died of syphilis in 1883.

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